How to save money around the home

With food shops getting pricier by the week and energy bills soaring, we are all having to look at our spending. Here are some expert tips on how to save money around the home to help you cut costs in every room.

In the Bathroom

Snub the tub – While a long soak in the bath may seem like heaven, you may not feel the same when your bills come through. Swapping one bath a week for a short shower could save you £12 a year! A further £7 could also be saved on your water bill, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Switch the tap off and use cold water where possible – According to the Energy Saving Trust, a running tap can churn out more than ten litres of water a minute. With this is mind, make sure you turn off the tap when washing, shaving or brushing your teeth.

Shorten your shower – Showers account for around 25 per cent of domestic water use! According to the Energy Saving Trust, limiting your shower time to four minutes could potentially save a household £70 a year on their energy bills. Likewise, you could save an extra £60 on water bills, if a water meter is used.

In the Living Room

Don’t leave gadgets on standby – If you are going to be out of the house for long periods of time or are going to bed, always switch off any gadgets in your living room. Turning gadgets and appliances off could help take around £55 off your energy bills every year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

In the Kitchen

Avoid the tumble dryer – The kitchen can be a hub of poor energy efficiency and water wastage. According to Ideal Home, vented tumble dryers can cost around £180 a year to run. Air drying clothes indoors or outdoors is a good option that could help you save money. Drying your clothes inside the house? Always ensure the room is adequately ventilated to ensure damp does not become a problem.

Wash clothes at a lower temperature – Many households still wash their clothes at 40 degrees. However, by turning the temperature down to 30 degrees or less – you can save money! Experts at Which? reckon washing at a lower temperature could help reduce a household’s energy bills by around £12 a year.

Fill up kettles sparingly – Don’t fill up the kettle to the top every time you use it. A 3kW kettle boils one cup of water in 45 seconds. This costs 1p per minute to boil, equating to £2.74 a year for one cup of tea a day, according to Ideal Home.

In the Bedroom

Consider a dimmer switch – Dimmable lights are ideal for bedrooms. Using them means you will not always have your lights operating at full power.

Use LED light bulbs – In a bedroom, consider installing light-emitting diode bulbs as an energy-efficient option. Households could potentially save around £13 a year per bulb by ditching inefficient 100 watt incandescent bulbs for LEDs. By switching from halogen bulbs to LEDs, a £5 a year saving could be pocketed, the Energy Saving Trust says.

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